best sms app android : handcent sms free download

best sms app android
Handcent SMS is a free SMS tool for Android, unleashing full support for SMS & MMS, extensive customization options, and incredible functionality.
best sms app android : handcent sms

handcent sms is best sms app android
Easily the best text messaging app option on Android is Handcent SMS. I must admit, I have overlooked this app for quite sometime (ever since the native on-screen keyboard was introduced). Needless to say, what many users have said all along is true, Handcent SMS is a must-have app

Best features of the app:
best sms app for android
SMS Popup capabilities
Quick text reply
Speech-to-text and text-to-speech (you’ll need to install the voice data found in settings > speech synthesis)
Call/view contact
Trash message
Refreshed user interface
Contact’s picture shown with the message
Endless customization options
Conversation style
Font size
Text bubble settings
Quick text settings
Batch mode allows easy SMS organization/deletion

best sms app android : handcent sms free download
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