send sms about love poems - qoutes | romantic | cinta

send free sms about love poems - qoutes | romantic | cinta
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send sms about love poems - qoutes | romantic | cinta

☻When I stop thinking about you,
Blessing my heart will cease
and freeze like ice.
you mean much to me
like heaven on earth.
I love you!

☻Its difficult to hide now
more difficult to show
I love you more than anything else
how to let you know
may be these words are not enough
but to say in-front of you, is too tough
I love you

☻1st time i saw u i was scared 2 touch u.
1st time i touched u i was scared 2 kiss u.
1st time i kiss u i was scared to love u.
but now that i love u i’m scared 2 lose u!

☻I’m glad you are thoughtful,
I’m glad you are understanding,
I’m glad you are so much fun to be around,
But most of all…
I’m glad you are with me
Love You..

☻When time comes for you
to be in love with someone
make sure you choose a right person
who can care and show concern at any time,
any moment and not only loves you
but also loves what you want.

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send sms about love poems - qoutes | romantic | cinta

love poems

☻i went 2 c d cardiologist 2day.
ECG showed anomalies in my heart’s mode of operation.
The doc said my heart was missing something 4 proper functioning.
I was rushed 2 d theater & surgery was about 2 commence
when i told the doc that surgery cud not solve d problem.
cause my heart was missing u!

☻Test Of Love Is Not When
We Are Together
It Comes When
We Are Not Together
Realize That Despite The Distance
= Love Still There =

☻One sided love never fly high,
one day it will die.
So never try and never cry
for the love which easily dry.

☻I am not a painter to paint you
I am not a creator to create you
I am not a destroyer to destroy you
I am not a teacher to teach you
But I am a man to love you

think by heart even if its broken.

☻I Was a Smoker!!!
Once I Read: “Smoking Is Injurious To Health”
I QUIT Smoking.
I Used To Drink WINE
I Read: “WINE is Bad For Health”
I Left Drinking.
I LOVE Someone
Once I Read: “Love is an illusion”
You Know What I Did?
I Left “Reading”!

☻In a day if i have to say ‘i love u’
whenever i remembered u,
i have to say 86400 times per a day….
because u r my one and only love…..

☻I am a Loner
Seeking a Lover
Can’t find a Boy
Who can give me Joy
Now that I have You
I will never lost You
Coz My Love is True.

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