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what is sms gateway - smsc
smsc gateways - what is work
SMS Gateway is a platform that provides a mechanism for Ella deliver and receive SMS from mobile devices (mobile phone, PDA phone, etc.) via SMS Gateway's shortcode (as an example 9221). Below are included some illustrations of the above explanation.

Gateway allow the UAE to communicate with Telco SMSC (Telkomsel, Indosat, etc.) or the SMS platform to deliver and receive SMS messages very easily, because the SMS Gateway will perform all the processes and connections to the Telco. SMS Gateway also provides the UAE with an easy interface and standard.
UAE to form a variety of applications that require the use of SMS. Like many web applications that have many uses SMS (free sms, registration, confirmation via SMS, office applications, etc.), CMS, the draw ceremony on television, etc..
UAE to communicate with the SMS Gateway via the Internet using standard HTTP GET or HTTPS (for secure communication).
Telco SMSC will deliver the message (SMS) to the SMS Gateway company (according towith the number who have been hired )by using a special protocol . And based on keywords that have been written on the SMS, the SMS system will deliver the SMS Gateways to the URL you have specified. UAE to deliver SMS reply to the customer via the SMS Gateway. And the UAE to determine the cost (charging) to be charged to the customer. Usually has determined the cost of regulation (microcharging mechanism), examples of IDR 0 (free); Rp 500, - USD 1000, -; Rp2000, - ff.
A company's SMS Gateway is usually in the form of support for the message text, unicode character, and also smart messaging (ringtones, picture messages, operator logos, etc.).

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