sms advertising: how to know ?

If you want a marketing platform that provides access, ease of entry, targeting and interactivity, then text marketing has it all.

When most of us think about SMS, we expect the messages (sometimes creatively) abbreviated as "u R in the house of the year as well?" But besides being a convenient communication tool for personal and addictive, SMS is proving to be a great platform to help marketers reach and engage hard to find audiences.

Due to the personal nature of communication with consumers on their mobile phones, marketers must be smarter about the environment and how to harness its potential to promote not only consumer information, but to provoke a conversation with them. Therefore, here are the things to remember about SMS advertising.

1. There is to great for text messaging, and the public have already opted-in.
Do not worry about having to deal with fragmentation. If you want to reach tens of millions of consumers through their phones, you can do today. Moreover, the demographics of this consumer base are not purely teens or twenties, a lot of other demographic information about opt-in SMS content.

Taking a step back, SMS is also the most widely used mobile technology (besides the vocals), and because virtually all mobile phones can send and receive text messages, SMS advertising messages reach the widest possible audience.

According to Nielsen, 77 percent of mobile subscribers in the U.S. SMS use in late 2007. In comparison, the same report said that 36 percent of mobile subscribers access the mobile Web in the same period. Further evidence of the penetration of SMS ': Search SMS-based information was used by about 15 million consumers to get sports scores, news or weather during the last quarter of 2007, according to Nielsen.

The things that make SMS a great tool for personal communication - the ubiquity, relevance and immediacy - also make it a great marketing channel.

Publishers like Yahoo, MySpace, Avoid, USA Today, the NBA, and most broadcasters are sending content that users are asking for. The diversity of available content leads to an equally diverse audience.

2. Introduction It is difficult - it requires little field work.
The biggest complaint I hear from sellers is that they know where to start looking for a public SMS campaign. The good news is that this work has already been done for you. With built-in audience provided by the companies and networks of ad text messages, sellers will only have to choose who they want to target and go for it. For example, Virgin Mobile has recently launched its Sugar Mama program, allowing customers to make free phone minutes in exchange for responding to the SMS and mobile web banners on their mobile phones. Sellers have access to the subscribers of the Virgin, as well as key demographic information about them.

In an example of quick commissioning and commissioning, a leading sports company wanted to promote entertainment commercial-free premiere of a documentary on its network to an audience of young sports fans, and in the process, create a dialogue with interested consumers. SMS was a great way to get to the place from 18 to 25 years of age who can not do traditional advertising. The company hired my company, 4INFO to launch SMS campaign.

Advertising is placed in the text message 4INFO sports channel, with a copy that invited users to respond to "TUNEIN." Those who responded received information about the program and were invited to join a SMS reminder on the date of issuance of the series. No mobile website or multimedia required.

The campaign successfully drove viewers to tune into the premiere, making it the most watched documentary in the history of the company. Twenty-four percent of users who interact with mobile advertising went to join a text message reminder about the show. Overall, 14 percent of users who received the notice of SMS reported seeing the program.

3. Targeting is the key to successful advertising.
The text message campaigns that best performance are those with a direct and simple call to action. Relevance is most important - relevant ads are effective and memorable, especially when inserted into foreclosure on the content. Here are some other tips:

Understand the different ways that you can target your audience by SMS, including guidance for operator and consumer interest. Note the expert profile social, financial and technology audience that wants to achieve, and aim accordingly. If we consider only one of these dimensions, their advertising is wasted on consumers who either can not use your product or can not hear your message.
SMS advertising offers the possibility to target consumer segments with specific offers. The greater relevance of the campaign, the better the performance of ads. It is not rocket science, but writing "one size fits all" ad copy is one of the most common reasons for poor campaign performance.
Example: a mobile marketing company was able to increase conversion rates by 60 to 100 percent copy of the deed to them in the ad text message on the channel target.
Example: "Make Me a Supermodel" on Bravo, messages to Alltel customers promoted the offer to my circle, while messages to other users, promoting different content.

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i think sms adverting is an best ways to promote your product in middle and low class people, because they dont have tv or other sources but have mobile phones,

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